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The "C" Code

The C Code in RIASEC

We are examining the Holland Codes. You’ll sometimes see them as “RIASEC.” Read this post for more information on The Holland Codes and RIASEC.

You’ve received the results of the Strong Interest Inventory. Now, of course, you would like to know just what those results mean. There are six theme codes. This post is about the “C” code or Conventional personality types. (For reference, you can see a sample of the I Start Strong Report here.)

We explore the others here:





If one of your themes is Conventional -- or the “C” in the Holland Codes wheel -- exactly what does that mean?

The Strong Interest Inventory uses six general themes to describe your personality. These themes also help identify the type of work you might enjoy. Most people find that there is a combination of themes that best describe them. You are most likely to enjoy work that is closely related to your top themes.

If one of your top themes is Conventional then you should know….

Conventional people are organizers! Being “conventional” you like structure, rules and procedures. You might describe yourself as methodical. You are likely good at math and even though you can be ambitious you don’t like to stand out.

“Conventional” people excel in office settings. Clerical and administrative work is a good fit.

  • Conventional people describe themselves as efficient, persistent, and practical.
  • They are attracted to work environments that are businesslike with well-ordered reporting lines.
  • They tend to be careful and conscientious, and they use their organizational skills to support those in authority.
  • Conventional occupations frequently involve collecting and managing information and operating computers.

Here are some careers that a “conventional” person might consider. These careers provide the opportunity to work through methodical, detailed tasks.

· Accountant

· Administrative Assistant

· Budget Analyst

· Business Manager

· Credit Manager

· Financial Analyst

· Insurance Agent

· Safety Inspector

· Teacher

· Travel Agent

For descriptions of the other them codes please see the themes below