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About Us

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Jill Kerr and Carolyn Lawson are the lead dogs behind Career Puppy. Friends and business associates for many years, in 2019 they decided to partner up and set off down the path of doing something they absolutely love – helping people find their passion and their personal happiness.

Jill and Carolyn bring to Career Puppy years of experience both seeking their own passion and helping others find it.

Carolyn has worked in numerous marketing positions and is a whiz at social media, technology, email marketing and anything that requires organization. Along the way she has helped her own 3 children find meaningful careers and has guided numerous other young people as well. She’s always more than willing to lend support.

Jill began her career in high school classrooms as a recruiter for a business school speaking about career skills -- resume writing, interviewing skills and dressing for success. From there, she went on to hold numerous executive leadership positions in technology companies and non-profits. No matter where she worked, however, she was always recruiting, educating and motivating people to do and be their best. (Jill is a  Strong Interest Inventory Certified Practitioner)

Enter Career Puppy

Career Puppy was founded in 2008

by Gwen Schiada, Psy.D. and Stephanie Cosby, M.P.H.

Like Jill and Carolyn, the two friends had partnered to combine Gwen’s Doctorate of Psychology with Stephanie’s Master’s Degree in Public Health to do something good in the world. 

And they did.

Over the next 10 years they built a meaningful company with compelling career products and services and touched thousands and thousands of career seekers across the U.S. But by 2018, they were ready to move on to new adventures.

In 2017, the last company that Jill and Carolyn worked in together ran out of funding, and the two of them decided to chart their own destiny from that point forward. So when the opportunity to acquire Career Puppy arose, it made perfect sense for Carolyn and Jill to once again combine forces.

The two of them couldn’t be more thrilled to be partnering in a company that doesn’t take itself too seriously but at the same time packs a lot of serious benefit for those who utilize its services. 

They can’t wait to see where Career Puppy takes them.

And where Career Puppy takes you!

P.S. Growing Career Puppy has introduced Jill and Carolyn to some amazing people along the way, but few compare to Brian Casey, Anna Lesperance and Kevin Handy of Dead Hand Design. Jill and Carolyn will be forever grateful for their encouragement, their creative genius and their belief in Career Puppy.