Career Puppy Mascot as a single stroke width monochrome cartoon dog with bandana looking contently at camera sitting like the goodest pup.



Are your plans in motion?

Or... do you have some general ideas about careers, but are not too sure?

Maybe you have no clue -- haven’t even thought about the future?

Wherever you are - It’s OK!

Career Puppy can help you with Career Exploration - starting at the beginning with identifying careers that you’d enjoy to confirming the choices you’ve already made.

Thousands of students have used Career Puppy to

• Assess their interests

• Explore possible careers

• Plan their future



You can look around all you want .

There is never a charge to use our basic features - all the career videos and career descriptions as well as all of the following:

  • majors
  • values
  • median salary (nationally and state-by-state)
  • certifications
  • education
  • typical hours/schedule
  • skills
  • training
  • related careers  


  • our exclusive RIASEC Radar (more on that later).


Then, when you give us your email address, you can Customize your experience.

You can "favorite" careers to review and compare, add your color choice and pick a puppy avatar.

(We'll also surprise you with bonuses from time to time.)



OR you can decide to level up and Personalize the site.

When you personalize Career Puppy, you bring together your personal strengths and traits, combined with all the information you need - in one place.

You'll start by taking the Strong Interest Inventory Assessment to identify your interests that identify jobs in which you’ll be happy.

You receive a detailed report with the results of the Strong Interest Inventory.

We also provide a career exploration guidebook for you (and one for your parent or champion, if they'd like), We'll send some non-nagging email nudges to help you get the most from your experience designed just for you .

FOR A ONE-TIME PAYMENT OF JUST $57, you will have unlimited access to Career Puppy platform, Take the Strong Interest Inventory Assessment PLUS 
Support - and Surprises!