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Help your teen confidently choose their career path

Teens who are given the opportunity to discover their traits, interests, and skill sets

become more certain, secure and motivated in their career path decision.

Statistics show a staggering number of people are unhappy with their careers.

                    Think of the frustration. . .

                                                   The wasted education. . .

All because a career path was chosen with little thought about whether that career would actually be a good fit.

You want your child to be happy and successful . . .

Thousands of students have used Career Puppy to find their path.

  • Assess  interests
  • Explore careers
  • Plan your future

While there is no charge for our basic features, many families choose to have their teen take the Strong Interest Inventory, an assessment of personal interests that can predict jobs in which they'd be happy. This extra information and insight can be a game-changer.

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