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"R" is for Realistic "Doers"

R in RIASEC is for Realistic.

If you are one of our Career Puppies and you’ve taken the Strong Interest Inventory you know what we’re talking about.

The Strong sends results to you in the form of codes that link to your personality type.

John Holland created these codes a long time ago and we still use them today. You probably see them as “RIASEC.” Check out this post for more information on The Holland Codes and RIASEC.

So, you’ve received the results of the Strong Interest Inventory. Now, of course, you would like to know just what those results mean. There are six theme codes. This post is about the “R” code or Realistic personality type. (For reference, you can see a sample of the I Start Strong Report here.)

We explore the other codes below:






Look at the results of The Strong. If one of your themes is Realistic -- or the “R” on the Holland Codes wheel -- just what does that mean?

The Strong uses six general themes to describe personality types. These themes link to the type of work you might enjoy. Most people have a combination of themes that best describe them.

Here’s the deal -- you are most likely to enjoy work that relates to your top themes.

So if one of your top themes is Realistic then you should know….

Realistic people are doers! Being “realistic” is all about physical activity. You like to use coordination and physical strength. Realistic people also enjoy activities and jobs in mechanical work, construction and repairs. You are good at working with computers, machinery and tools.

  • Realistic people say they are physically active, practical, and down-to-earth.
  • You like work environments that are product-oriented.
  • You tend to be hands-on, adventurous, and athletic.
  • You enjoy exerting physical strength, using tools, operating equipment, and working outdoors. You like interacting with others.

Here are some careers that as “realistic” person you might consider:

· Auto Mechanic

· Computer Technician

· Architect

· Medical Technician

· Chef

· Surveyor

· Software Tester

· Production Associate

· HVAC Technician

· Logistics analyst

You can read our descriptions of the individual codes here: