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What to Expect When Taking the Strong Interest Inventory Assessment

The first step in the Career Puppy Career Exploration Experience is determining what you like to do, what your interests are.

To discover these things, you will take the Strong Interest Inventory Assessment, a tool used by thousands of people who were looking for help in choosing fulfilling careers based on their interests and where they find meaning and motivation.

The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment is used to help you understand your work interests and to show you some kinds of work in which you might feel comfortable.

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Nelson Beats the Odds

Special Ed Student  - Told He Would Never Go to College-  is Now Best-Selling Author

Ronnie Sidney, II was diagnosed with a learning disability and spent years struggling in special education classes.

After being told he would never go to college, Sidney ultimately graduated from VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) with a Masters of Social Work  degree. He now works as an outpatient therapist with court-involved youth.,

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Opening Doors With Career Puppy Career Exploration

Imagine a neighborhood with 16 houses – each one completely different than the next. Using your Strong Interest Inventory report, you choose one of the “houses” (or Career Clusters) on your list, Architecture and Construction.

When you walk into the Architecture and Construction house, you have three hallways (or Career Pathways) to explore.

You choose the first one – “Design and Pre-Construction“ and walk down the hall. You can open any door (Career Profile) you want and look around. 

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