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Exploring Career Clusters

Imagine a neighborhood with 16 houses – each one completely different than the next. Using your Strong Interest Inventory report, you choose one of the “houses” (or Career Clusters) on your list, Architecture and Construction.

When you walk into the Architecture and Construction house, you have three hallways (or Career Pathways) to explore.

Why Choosing the Right Career Could be the Most Important Decision of Your Life - Part 3: What are Your Work Interests?

Last week’s blog highlighted six General Themes, which can be organized to describe one’s work personality. This week we’re delving deeper to explore interests that align with those themes. Consider these questions…Are you more excited by nature and agriculture or financing and investing? Are you more of a math and science person or does visual arts and design peak your interest? Are you more of a politics and public speaking or counseling and helping others type? Does the work you are doing or want to do match up with your interests?

Why Choosing the Right Career Could be the Most Important Decision of Your Life - Part 2: Which of the Six Themes Describe Your Work Personality?

When you reflect on your “work personality” what comes to mind? Do you think of yourself as creative or analytical? Do you prefer caring for other people or like detail-focused tasks? Do you enjoy doing more hands-on types of work or taking on leadership roles? Is your work personality a good fit for the work you are actually doing or want to do? Think about your child, spouse or friends – are they pursuing a good fit?  For many people there is a mismatch, which leads to dissatisfaction, frustration and often failure to succeed.